Quality Policy

Marltrax Equipment Supply is fully committed to the provision of products and services, which are fit for their intended purposes and which conform fully to its’ customers’ requirements. To achieve this objective the company operates a quality management system and uses quality procedures, which are described in the various manuals, which are contained within the system.

Adherence to this policy involves most of the activities within the company and all of its staff and suppliers. It is clearly understood by all staff and suppliers that they are each responsible for the quality of their own work and they are committed to participate in the operation of the quality system.

We operate a policy of continuous improvement and we always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. The Management team periodically review our quality policy and the results of this review are recorded. Where deficiencies are identified or where improvements can be made, appropriate corrective action is taken and subsequently monitored for effectiveness. We acknowledge the need to continually improve our quality management system.

Exacting quality objectives, including those needed for product and services have been established at relevant functions and levels and these are measured and consistent with this quality policy.

The Directors have the ultimate responsibility for the effective and economic operation of the quality system and he has delegated this to the management representative. The management representative has the responsibility and authority for identifying quality requirements in the company and for implementing the actions necessary to meet those needs and, in so doing, meet the requirements of this International Standard, ISO 9001 – 2015.

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